CPI SkillWorks™ refresher videos exclusively for CPI Alumni
Welcome to SkillWorks™.

This is a periodic collection of video clips designed to help CPI alumni keep their skills alive and useful. This is the third edition of videos; the first two editions comprised a pilot program. We received some fine compliments and some suggestions for content during the pilot period and these improvements have been integrated into the program.

I hope you find these collections useful, that you’ll e-mail me with your reactions and suggestions, and that you’ll subscribe to SkillWorks™.

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Coming Attractions
• Persuasion in Everyday Life
• Analogy Ideas You Can Use
• Alumni Interviews
• Client Insights
• Mastering Workhorse English
• PPAA Analysis of Advertisements

• Meet the CPI Teaching Team
• How to Use the Navigator to Find the Right Graphic Form
• Using the new Persuasion Workbook v3.0
• Getting Rid of Silly Hat Pronunciations
• Receptivity in Everyday Life
• Business graphic of the month
• Rogues' Gallery: the worst PowerPoint slide of the month